Dear Rotarian rowing friends, in recent years many Rotarians in Mainz have (re)discovered the sport of rowing. Almost every Mainz club has rowers in its ranks. 10 Rotarians from RC Mainz have become active club members of the Mainzer Ruderverein. There are two boats that have “Rotary” in their name. But this sport is also enjoying growing popularity among Rotarians in other places such as Heidelberg, Mannheim or Ludwigshafen.
From this realisation grew the idea of forming a Rotarian community of rowers. Such groups for the pursuit of a common “passion” are institutionalised in Rotary and are called Fellowship. There are over 60 Fellowships, ranging from the Antique, Classic & Historic Automobile Fellowship of Rotarians (ACHAFR) to the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR).
Why did we create a Fellowship of Rotarians?
From a Rotarian perspective, a Fellowship adds a new dimension to Rotarian friendship, adhering to Rotarian values and connecting across club boundaries, even across countries, through the shared practice of our sport. This includes assistance in planning and conducting rowing trips for Fellowship members, as well as the opportunity to jointly conduct trips prepared by friends from other clubs with local knowledge.
In keeping with the Rotarian mission, the Fellowship shall also engage in and promote charitable projects directly related to rowing. In order to bring this to life, a joint Rotarian rowing tour takes place every year at different locations.
Who can become a member?
All Rotarians or their relatives (husband, wife, child) can become members. Membership fees are only 20 EUR per year. A Fellowship, like a club, needs members. Therefore, we would be pleased if you document your interest as well as your thoughts on this topic on the form deposited in the net.
We are looking forward to meet Rotarian rowers from home and abroad.
Martin Steffes-Mies
RC Mainz 50° Nord
Stephan Hölz
RC Mainz Hartmut Jaeger
RC Mainz Wolfgang Litzenburger
RC Mainz Klaus Willimczik
RC Darmstadt – Kranichstein PastGovernor D 1860