On this hiking trip from 20 May to 24 May 2020 inclusive, in addition to the Großer Wannsee, which is the start and finish, we will experience the Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) in the Jungfernsee, pass under the Glienicke Bridge into the Tiefen See (Deep Lake), past Potsdam to the Templiner See. Then it’s on to Lake Petzin, through the picturesque Wentowgraben, an enchanted narrow passage, into Lake Schwielow, and then further along the Havel to the island town of Werder. From there, we row via the large and small Zernsee lakes further and further along the Havel to Ketzin. On the second day, the tour leads from there through the idyllic lower Havel to Brandenburg with its picturesque Dominsel (cathedral island); we return to Ketzin along the same route. On the third day, we will then row through the Sacrow-Paretzer Canal via Lake Jungfernsee northeast of Potsdam and across the Havel to Spandau. On the day of departure, another spectacular trip in Spandau is on the programme in the morning. There we will “row” through the canals of “Little Venice” and then return to the rowing club next to the Liebermann Villa. The total distance is more than 130 km, but probably no one will row all the stages, as we will be rowing with only 2 gig fours, so everyone will have to drop out once or twice. This tour is very varied and takes us past many wooded banks, some with villas, islands, parks and bridges as well as picturesque little towns. We row through Potsdam and have a view of the Landtag and Garni-sonskirche. On the last day we row through the idyllic Little Venice in Berlin-Spandau. A land service as on rivers is not planned, as we return from each stage destination to the hotel in Potsdam by bus. Instead, an attractive sightseeing programme is planned for those who do not row: Liebermann Villa, Wannsee Conference House, Peacock Island, Glienicke Bridge, Sanssouci Palace and Park, New Palace, boat tour, Dutch Quarter in Potsdam, Cathedral Island in Brandenburg (Havel), etc. I have also found interesting restaurants for the joint dinners. I am trying to organise the necessary journeys for the rowers as well as the participants in the accompanying programme with large-capacity taxis or with a bus company. I intend to reserve rooms at the Hotel Villa Monte Vino. This hotel is close to both Sanssouci Palace and the picturesque Dutch Quarter of Potsdam. From the Potsdam Rowing Club Germania, which is located next to the Liebermann Villa, we will borrow 2 gig fours for a maximum of 10 rowers (!). I already have a promise from Mr Langer! Those who are not assigned to row will take part in the accompanying programme. Tentative schedule and stage plan
  • Wednesday, 20 May 2020: individual arrival in Potsdam by approx. 8 pm
  • Thursday, 21 May 2020 (Ascension Day): Wannsee – Ketzin (Seesportclub Ketzin e.V. ) (38 km) with a break at the Potsdamer Ruderverein
  • Friday, 22 May 2020: Ketzin – Brandenburg (Ruder Klub Havel Brandenburg) and back (46 km) with a break at the Ruder Klub Havel in Brandenburg
  • Saturday, 23. May 2020: Ketzin – Sacrow-Paretzer Canal – Spandau (Spandauer Ruder-Club “Friesen” e.V.) (35 km) with a break at the promenade harbour of Kladow (opposite the island of Imchen)
  • Sunday, 24 May 2020: Spandau – Havel in Brandenburg
  • Saturday, 23 May 2020. May 2020: Spandau – Havel, Südhafen, Großer Jürgengraben and Hauptgraben (“Little Venice”) – Wannsee (15 km); individual departure in the afternoon